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The digital editorial office "" is presented as a "platform for free-thinkers". The portal is recognizable by its original texts in the field of justice, topics about the City of Skopje, the treatment of gender issues, culture and similar topics.

"SDK.MK" is one of the few portals that has a correspondence network from several cities in the country.

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SDK Mihajlovski


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“Sakam da kazam” is a project of the Association “Sakam da kazam” Skopje and the Service Company "SDK Mihajlovski DOOEL Skopje". Mihajlovski appears as one of the founders of the Association and is the 100% owner of the company.

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Goran Mihajlovski

Long-time journalist and editor, he began his career at the daily newspaper "Vecer". Subsequently, he co-founded the newspaper "Vest" with a group of journalists, which was published as part of the "Media Print Macedonia" (MPM) group's newspapers. He served as the chief editor of "Vest" until 2015, when the management at the time chose not to renew his employment contract.
Immediately afterwards, under the motto "platform for free thought," he founded the portal "Sakam da kazam" (I Want to Say), whose name was taken from his column of the same name, which he had been writing since 1991. It is considered the longest-running column in the history of Macedonian journalism. He brought part of the journalistic team from "Vest" with him to the newly formed portal. The newspaper “Vest” ceased publication in 2017 due to poor financial results, while Mihajlovski's portal "SDK" became one of the most influential online media outlets in the country.

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Goran Mihajlovski

See above

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Goran Mihajlovski

See above


Address: Franklin Ruzvelt, 70/3-3 1000 Skopje


phone: +389 2 2039 984


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117.406 $ / 6.88 Mln. MKD

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20.819 $ / 1.22 Mln. MKD

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The ownership structure and the financial reports are based on data recived from Central registry of the Republic of North Macedonia. The documents were received on 07.08.2023 based on a government decision from 2017 for free access for investigative journalists. The financial information is for 2022. For the calculation of the amounts in US dollars, the average exchange rate for 2022 from the National Bank of the Republic of North Macedonia was used.

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