Under the motto "fast and different", the "TetovaSot" online medium, managed today by Rami Mislimi, began its work in 2013. An investigative story revealed that "TetovaSot" is the main outlet in the informal media group of a total of four news websites that were used for political propaganda. In addition to "TetovaSot" (tetovasot.com), the group also included bild.mkindeks.mk and ts.mk.

At the time when this database was prepared, bild.mk was non-functional.

"TetovaSot" and the other media from this group were and are inclined towards the ethnically Albanian ruling party DUI, while being especially critical of the opposition in the Albanian political bloc.

The online medium "TetovaSot" has been publishing content in Albanian for a whole decade, and therefore apart from North Macedonia, the portal is also read in Kosovo and Albania.

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"TetovaSot" is issued by the company "TS Group". Established in 2001, it first changed its economic activity twice, and its name three times. It was first established as a IT company with the name "MASTER-COMPUTERS", after which they continued to work as a publisher of internet portals. Then in 2016, it was renamed "Tetovasot-media", and in 2022 it got its current name "TS GROUP".
The three brothers, Naser, Rami and Tefik Mislimi, appear in its ownership structure, changing their roles as owners or directors of the company. The brother Naser formally left the company in 2016, which was then fully taken over by Rami in 2022.

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Naser Mislimi

Together with his brothers Rami and Tefik, Naser Mislimi has been in the media business with Albanian-language online news media in the country for more than a decade.
In 2016, he left the ownership of the company that publishes "TetovaSot".
In 2019, he co-founded the Association for Multimedia and Art “Albazone Media'', through which he runs the online medium albazone.mk. This domain was created in 2015, while he was the director of a company that publishes "TetovaSot". However, currently the owner and director positions of "TetovaSot" are held by his two brothers.
Naser Mislimi is now a city councilor in the municipality of Zelino, from the ethnically Albanian party DUI (Democratic Union for Integration).
"Albazone Media" is the publisher of two more portals, established in the same way as albazone.mk. The domains fjala.mk and topnews.mk, owned by "Albazone Media", have had no new content since mid-2021.

Affiliated Interests Ceo

Rami Mislimi

Mislimi is known in the journalistic community as a "journalist and owner of the TetovaSot portal".
From 2012 to 2022, he worked in the municipality of Tetovo, after which he resigned and formally took over the ownership of the company that issues the "TetovaSot". His departure from the municipality coincided with the arrival of the new mayor Bilall Kasami from the Besa party. Before that, most of the Tetovo mayors were from the DUI party.
Rami Mislimi does not hide his affection for the ruling party from Mala Recica – DUI. For example, he has published photos with Ali Ahmeti and DUI ministers on his Facebook profile, but also mocks politicians, such as Arben Taravari, the president of the party Alliance for Albanians.
Additionally, together with his brother Tefik, he is the co-founder of the Association "PRO-VISIONI Tetovo".

Affiliated Interests Editor-In-Chief

Urim Saliu

Is a long-time journalist. In addition to this, he is often contacted as a political analyst by the media for statements.

Affiliated Interests other important people

Tefik Mislimi

Is the brother of Rami and Nasser. From 2016 to 2022, he was the owner and director of the company publishing the online news medium. He has been part of the Association "PRO-VISIONI Tetovo", together with his brother Rami.


Address: Jane Sandanski 12/4. 1200 Tetovo

е-mail: info@tetovasot.com

phone: +38970330111

website: www.tetovasot.com

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30.205 $ / 1.77 Mln. MKD

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9.153 $ / 536.364 MKD

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The ownership structure and the financial reports are based on data recived from Central registry of the Republic of North Macedonia. The documents were received on 29.08.2023 based on a government decision from 2017 for free access for investigative journalists. The financial information is for 2022. For the calculation of the amounts in US dollars, the average exchange rate for 2022 from the National Bank of the Republic of North Macedonia was used.

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