"Zhurnal.mk" is a news website that publishes content exclusively in the Albanian language. It was registered in 2009.
The owner of the website is Hirije Muslija through her company of "Zurnal Info", which is based in Skopje. Muslija also owns an IT company and is the founder of a non-governmental organization that advocates for greater transparency.
There is no impressum published on the website and it doesn’t provide any information about who are the editors and journalists that create the content. However, an article published in 2018 reveals that the editor of zhurnal.mk is Bexhet Musljia, Hirije's husband.
Bexhet Muslija is also the co-owner of a chain of specialized tobacco shops in Skopje, Pristina and Tirana.
The Muslija family also runs the online media outlet with an almost identical name - zhurnal.mk which publishes content in the Macedonian language. This website was also registered in 2009.

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Zhurnal Info


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The Albanian-language portal "Zhurnal" is owned by "Journal INFO LLC", whose sole owner is Hirije Muslija. According to the data that Hirije Muslija submitted to the State Commission for the Prevention of Corruption in 2020, the non-governmental organization "OTI GROUP" is behind the Macedonian-language portal "Zhurnal". Muslija is an authorized person of "OTI Group" where she is one of the founders together with Igor Andonov, Redzep Ademovski, Albena Mashovic, and Alja Hadziu.

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Bexhet Muslija

Appears as the founder of "Zhurnal info dooel Skopje". He is also a co-owner of "BM CIGAR-TOBACCO SHOP", a specialized store for tobacco products. The company also has stores in Pristina and Tirana.

Affiliated Interests Ceo

Hirije Muslija

Is the CEO of "Zhurnal", and wife of the founder of the medium. She is the owner of a company for information technology and computers, as well as the founder of a non-governmental organization for transparent informing. She is also the manager of a company connected to the sale of tobacco products.

Affiliated Interests Editor-In-Chief

Bexhet Muslija

Is Hirije Muslija's husband. In addition to being the editor-in-chief of the "Zhurnal" portal, he is also one of the three owners of "BM CIGAR-TOBACCO SHOP", a specialized store for tobacco products. That company also has stores in Pristina and Tirana.
In 2009, he was in the public eye after, as the manager of another company that no longer exists, he was sued by "Google" and lost the case. Namely, he registered the domain www.google.com.mk in 2004, but was fined for violating the trademark.


Address: 8 Udarna brigada 20б, 1000 Skopje

е-mail: info@zurnal.mk

phone: + 389 2 3217 815

website: www.zhurnal.mk

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52.560 $ / 3.08 Mln. MKD

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171 $ / 9.996 MKD

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