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Company for newspaper publishing "Media plus Fokus"  DOOEL Skopje was established in 2013. It is the company that continued to publish the weekly "Fokus" after the death of the founder of the media, Nikola Mladenov, in a car accident in March of the same year.

The founder of "Media plus Fokus" is the then editor-in-chief of the weekly "Fokus", Jadranka Kostova, who, together with Mladenov's wife, Biljana Mladenova and his sister, Biljana Troshanovska, revived the weekly paper after several months of no publication due to the accident in which Mladenov died.

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Limited liability company

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Newspaper publishing


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Weekly Fokus

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Jadranka Kostova

The initial founder of Fokus is Nikola Mladenov in 1995. After the death of Nikola Mladenov in 2013, the then editor-in-chief of the weekly, Jadranka Kostova, together with Mladenov's wife, Biljana, and his sister Biljana Troshanovska, founded a new company. In 2019, Troshanovska became the owner of the new company, while after Kostova left Fokus, Biljana Troshanovska is the sole owner of Media plus Fokus.




Address: "Vasil Glavinov" no. 14-1/13, 1000 Skopje

phone: + 398 76 346 514



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430.206 $ / 25.21 Mln. MKD

Operating Profit (in Mill. $)

-3.627 $ / -212.532 MKD

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Other Influential People

Билјана Младенова

Во дневниот весник работи и сопругата на починатиот основач на Фокус. Таа е во неделникот од неговите почетоци. Како претставник на Фокус, Билјана Младенова е еден од основачите на Здружението на печатени медиуми. Здружението го иницираа повеќе луѓе и во 2018 година ја постигнаа нивната цел за да добијат државни субвенции за печатените медиуми.

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ownership data is easily available from other sources, e. g. public registries etc.

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The ownership structure and the financial reports are based on data recived from Central registry of the Republic of North Macedonia. The documents were received on 21.08.2023 based on a government decision from 2017 for free access for investigative journalists. The financial information is for 2022. For the calculation of the amounts in US dollars, the average exchange rate for 2022 from the National Bank of the Republic of North Macedonia was used.

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