Family Frangaј

Family Frangaј

Aleksandar Frangaj is an Albanian former journalist and media entrepreneur, who in recent years has expanded his business into construction and real estate. He is the co-founder of the daily newspaper "Koha Yone", the first independent newspaper published after the fall of communism in Albania. In 1997, Frangaj founded the company "Media 6" with two other businessmen, Julien Roche and Marcel Scando. Back then, Frangaj owned 50% of the company, while his two partners owned 25% each. "Media 6" published the weekly "Klan". Under the same name, Frangaj opened "Klan" television. In 2013, the name of the company was changed from "Media 6" to "TV Klan". There was also a change in the ownership structure, and the company was taken over by Frangaj with 60% and his wife Alba Gina with 40%.

Over the years, Frangaj was involved in founding or taking over several other television channels in Albania, Kosovo and North Macedonia, such as "Klan Kosova", "ABC News" and "Klan Macedonia". Frangaj also launched the "Satellite+" platforms in 2004 and "Supersport" in 2006, through shares owned by his wife. Today, his media group consists of "TV Klan", "Klan News", "Klan Plus" and "Klan Macedonia" as well as "Radio Klan", while his wife Gina owns 8% of the shares in the "Digit-Alb" platform in Albania.

Frangaj is considered close to the government, regardless of the ruling party. In 1996, he ran for parliament, but was not elected. He was often called out in public as the biggest user of money for broadcasting government advertising campaigns during 2008-2010, when Sali Berisha was prime minister.

In 2015, he was in the public eye for having under unclear circumstances started building a green belt building in a complex called "Laguna Blue" near the coastal city of Durres. He denied all the accusations and continued to expand the construction business.

In 2019, Frangaj co-founded "AS Construction" together with "Balfin DOO" owned by businessman Samir Mane. As of March 2020, Frangaj has a 100% stake in the company. In 2022, Frangaj also founded the company with real estate activity.

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Alba Gina

The wife of Aleksander Frangaj and appears as a shareholder in numerous businesses of the family.

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