Parliament of the Republic of North Macedonia

Parliament of the Republic of North Macedonia

The Parliament of the Republic of North Macedonia is the representative body of the citizens and the holder of legislative power. It consists of 120 deputies who are elected in direct elections.

The mandate of MPs lasts four years and they cannot be recalled.

The organization and functioning of the Parliament are governed by the Constitution of the Republic of North Macedonia and the Rules of Procedure of the Assembly.

Under its current format, "Macedonian Radio-Television", the company existed from 1993, being founded by the Macedonian Parliament. Given that members of the Program Council at the governing body of "MRT" are appointed by the Parliament (Assembly) there is potential influence of the governing (ruling) political parties on the selection and appointment of the Council members. This influence can be observed in the selection of the Director General and Deputy Director General, given that the Council selects and appoints both positions.

"MRT" is accountable to the Parliament and submits annual reports on programme and financial operations of the medium.

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The finances of the first program service of the Macedonian Television cannot be singled out separately within the entire entity MRT, because the data is only available for the company as a whole, but not for the individual services that function within its framework.

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