Rami Mislimi

Rami Mislimi

Rami Mislimi is known in the journalistic community as a "journalist and owner of the TetovaSot".

From 2012 to 2022, he worked in the municipality of Tetovo, after which he resigned and formally took over the ownership of the company that issues the "TetovaSot". His departure from the municipality coincided with the arrival of the new mayor Biljal Kasami from the Besa party. Before that, most of the Tetovo mayors were from the DUI party.

Rami Mislimi does not hide his affection for the ruling party from Mala Recica – DUI. For example, he has published photos with Ali Ahmeti and DUI ministers on his Facebook profile, but also mocks politicians, such as Arben Taravari, the president of the Alliance for Albanians, a party that was a part of opposition until the start of 2023.

The former MP from DUI, Artan Grubi, in 2018 nominated Mislimi for a member of the commission that awards the state prize for journalism - Mito Hadji Vasilev Jasmin. As the "Potalb" website wrote at the time, he was elected by one vote, and the Ministry of Culture, which nominates the members for this award, argued that it could not influence the final selection.

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Company for trade and services TS GROUP DOOEL, Tetovo

Non profit Association for culture, education, media and art


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Tefik Mislimi

Rami's brother, former owner and director of "TS Group", co-founder of "PRO-VISIONI Tetovo Association".

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